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My paintings are a mixture of acrylics and oils. Whichever you desire I can paint with both and bring a vibrance of colors into your home or business that will last for a lifetime.


Courtney Peace​

Born and raised in Oak Cliff, TX, I loved to imagine places I wanted to travel and houses I’d love to live in. I started drawing these things at a young age as an escape from where I once lived and the environment I grew up in. At age 18 I was accused of a crime I did not commit, and was sentenced to 15 years where I served a total of 12 years before being released on parole.

Through my years of incarceration I developed a love for fine arts and poetry and I begin practicing both. My art is filled with a lot of soul and love and I do not use brushes as I love the feel of creating with my bare hands on canvas. I hope my work is enjoyed and felt by all who encounter my pieces and I pray my story encourages all to believe in themselves as I have.

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